BLS CPR Instructor

Includes all the above CPR PLUS adult education and how to teach. It takes certification at the Health Care Provider level and 2 days instruction PLUS monitoring while you teach at least one or more classes to be sure you are OK and following the guidelines of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

There is a lot of pre-course study (about 10 hours) so sign up early to get your Instructor course manual and other training handouts. Call for further information 705-652-0785.

BOOK NOW - $350 per person plus Instructor materials @ $150. Instructors are required to do regular updates or as things change. To maintain your certification you have to teach at least 3 courses per year one of which must be at the BLS - HCP level, you will also need monitored teaching your first class by an Instructor Trainer. This cost varies from IT to IT.

Most certification's are good for 3 years.

CPR is recommended every year by Heart & Stroke Foundation.

All of our First Aid courses are APPROVED by and include all the WSIB course content.